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The below is a guest post by Rohit

More Rural, Less Urban

India’s soul lies in its culture, tradition and heritage, most of which are still quite prominent in the rural areas and smaller towns. Although urban parts of the country have some really amazing things to look at, the natural beauty of India can only be admired thoroughly by visiting the nooks and crannies. Travelling through the rural areas gives a deeper look into what makes India what it is, and it shows the true vibrancy of a country that has deep roots in history and culture. Plus, people in rural areas are some of the most interesting locals you’ll ever meet while in India.

Street Food and Tea

Indian food is famous all over the world, and for good reason. Give your taste buds an adventure of their own by indulging in the street food from the inherently local parts like in Mumbai, Kerala, Jaipur, Delhi, Calcutta etc. What is daily food for locals will be a tasty treat for a visitor. Not to mention the tea stalls that can be found in each and every corner of India, regardless of wherever you are. Tea stalls are a favourite of Indian locals, what with the roadside tea vendor’s tea easing all their worries in life. This can be the case for a traveller as well who wants to indulge into the local spirit of India.

Public Transport That Lasts a Lifetime

You’ve heard of the Mumbai locals, the Delhi Metro and the crowded trams of Calcutta, but if you haven’t travelled through at least one of the aforementioned public transport, your experience in India would be incomplete. India’s public transport given the population of the country is a long-lasting experience that takes pride in itself. Take rides on the Mumbai locals and feel the rush of the crowd, hop onto the Delhi Metro that is the lifeline of the capital, and go places in an auto-rickshaw to feel the hot breeze of India, which will truly make you feel like you belong in the country.

Walk Through It

Not every location is accessible by vehicles; sometimes giving your feet a little action is also necessary. To be able to explore the hidden parts of India, taking a walk through the streets will help you notice and capture some of the most interesting experiences of your trip. Walk through the noisy or the quiet streets, listen to the sounds of the blaring traffic or enjoy the silence of a night time stroll across the city, or even explore a village on foot with a camera on hand to capture the underexplored regions of India. There’s a distinct charm about the unseen places in India and they can only be accessed by taking a walk through them.

Hit More Than the Tourist Spots

Every tourist visits the tourist spots, but a local visit more than that. If you’re travelling like a local in India, you want to pop in at some of the most random places like a vegetable market on the highway, a tea stall somewhere in the mountains, or a traditional Punjabi dhaba near some lakeside. The possibilities are infinite, be it going to a café that is always crowded, or a cinema hall that has an old film running for decades. When you ask around and notice what the locals do, you’ll be able to find an enriching experience of exploring the places that are almost every local’s favourite.

Listen to The Natives

The best way to travel like a local in India is to connect with a local. Meet as many native people as you can and ask them what they do on a daily basis. Hit some of the spots that a local visit every day, go to a village and ask them where they buy their clothes from, who knows, you might get to see something offbeat and unusual to take back home with you. People in India are very welcoming to guests, and with their polite demeanour and insistence of offering food to anyone who visits, you’d love to blend in with the locals and see how they live their lives in this vivacious and exciting country.

A traveller as a local gets a lot of benefits of touring the country, and with the endless experiences that one can get in India, travelling like a local top it all as it leaves quite a lasting impression on the mind.

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