About Me

I travel far and wide with a full time job. Here is how I do it.

Urooj Hussain

Hello, I am

Urooj Hussain

Blogger, Wanderer, Corporate Employee

An media strategist  by profession, and a wanderer at heart. I balance my profession with my passion to get the best of both worlds. My work pays for my travel and my travel helps me give my best at work and my blog will tell you how you can do it too!

Having a full time job with a routine and responsibilities does not mean you give up on your dreams to travel the world. All it takes is prioritizing what really matters to you. It’s about those small moments and a few days that you take out to experience life. So come with me and throw yourself out of your comfort zone, find out that the world is a much bigger place than just your cubicle, and that people are far more diverse than the ones you meet in your neighborhood. Deadlines, meetings and chores will always be there, but while you are working hard to make a living, don’t forget to live!